Eric Lipp is an aspiring audio professional based in the Southern California area.  Ever since he was young, music has always been a part of Eric’s life.  He first learned music in grade school by playing the piano, and went on to play the saxophone throughout middle school and high school.  In his free time he plays drums and writes music for his ska band, which is currently active and has been playing locally for over 7 years.

Eric’s passion for music eventually led him to study audio production the Art Institute of California – Inland Empire in the fall of 2010.  During his three years in the program, he has learned the ins and outs of audio mixing, sound design, live sound, acoustics, and much more.  Once he graduates in September, he hopes to combine his background in music with the technical skills and audio engineering knowledge gained through his time at the Art Institute in order to become a versatile and successful audio professional.